Questions on skills and equipment come up a lot. This is our clan recommendations. Remember these are just recommendations, but they come from years of game play.
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Artillery or SPGs are the clickers of the battlefield. They are extremely slow and have a unique aiming view of the battlefield. The overhead view of artillery gives them a very good situational awareness of the battlefield others tanks don't get. They are the most common vehicles chosen by callers as well. They have poor vision range, long reloads (28s+) but massive damage output potential (1000+ per shot) in mid to high tiers.

Recommended Skills:
1st: BIA
2nd: Camo
3rd: Vision, Safe Stowage or Adrenaline Rush, Gun Aiming or Module Damage
4th: Vision, Repairs

Recommended Equipment:
Camo, Vents, Rammer (enclosed).
Camo, Rammer, GLD (open and auto loaders).