Official S0yuz Mod Pack #2

For clan unity we all need to run as close together as possible in screen appearance. With the number of mod packs and mods in general the more we can standardize on screen appearance the more sense a caller's view can be 'seen' by the team.
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Official S0yuz Mod Pack #2

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In the interest of keeping everyone seeing the same info... especially during Clan Events (Clan Wars, Strongholds, etc.) it IS in YOUR best interest to use mods or mod packs recommended here.

If you do NOT, do NOT ask why you aren't seeing something where a caller or officer is directing your attention.

The mods here have been tested... relentlessly.... over and over. They do work. If YOU can't get them to work.. ask. If you install them other than how it is directed here... and they DON'T work.... that is YOUR problem.

Following simple instructions .... is pretty simple.

Without further comment.... WG Essentials is one of two approved mod packs for those wishing to participate in Clan Events. The preferred one is WG Essentials.

You can go here to grab either one.

Recommended install for WG Essentials is coming shortly.